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‘Sulapam Food Company’ is made up of high-fiber cereals such as corn, millet, sorghum, horseradish, taro, etc. that our ancestors used With a high-fiber diet for everyone from children to adults. This flour has the ability to keep you healthy for a long time and prevent you from getting sugar.

‘Sulapam Food Company’ has grown on the principles of health, ecology, and care. We believe in working with a large number of accredited farmers who do not use or promote the use of pesticides and genetically modified seeds to grow their produce. We aim to give our customers a healthy chemical-free meal for the perfect nutrition.

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Kambu has 8 times Iron content higher than in Rice. The rich Iron content in Kambu aids in improving the hemoglobin level in the blood and prevents anemia. It is also rich in fiber, protein, minerals such as magnesium, zinc, manganese, folic acid, amino acids, lecithin, potassium, B complex vitamins, and calcium.


Echinochloa Esculenta

Kuthiravali helps to fight against anemia as it has high iron content. Helps in controlling bowel movement due to its higher fiber content. Improves the strength of bones due to kuthiravali higher calcium content. Is very low in fat and calories than regular rice and thus helps in weight loss.



Sorghum is an underrated, nutrient-rich cereal grain. Sorghum is rich in a variety of nutrients, including B vitamins, which play an essential role in metabolism, neural development, and skin and hair health.

உங்கள் ஆரோக்கியத்தை நாங்கள் கவனித்துக்கொள்கிறோம். உங்கள் சமையலறைகளுக்கு கலப்படமற்ற மூல அன்றாட உணவுப் பொருட்களைக் கொண்டு வருகிறோம்.

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